Work Style Assessment for Auditors

Don’t let the name fool you. The Work Style Assessment self-coaching tool is not your average personal attributes assessment. In fact, it is a sophisticated career and self-coaching development tool that empowers auditors through

The Work Style Assessment is an objective way to learn about your unique personality traits as an auditor and how they manifest on the job. This knowledge leads to a true understanding of capability and performance, and
how they can be best utilized.

Insights revealed include:

  • Your individual strengths as an auditor
  • Coaching and managing considerations that benefit your auditing career
  • Areas to consider for ongoing professional development

These results can provide a deeper understanding of your skills so they can be utilized for your advantage.

Key points about the Work Style Assessment include:

  • It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.
  • There are no right or wrong answers. It’s all about understanding yourself better.
  • A PDF report is generated and emailed to you within one hour of completion.

The Work Style Assessment for Auditors has replaced the PAAS Master assessment and fulfils the certification requirements for qualification and competency-based professionals.

All applicants, except Provisional Auditor grade, are required to complete the assessment.

Important: If you are a new customer, or are completing recertification, please register to complete the Work Style Assessment via your customer portal.

Please read the information below, which addresses some frequently asked questions regarding the Work Style Assessment Self-Coaching Tool.

How Was It Developed?

To form the basis of the assessment, a team of job experts, auditing professionals, and psychometricians completed a job analysis and profile for each auditor role. Job profiling enables employers to develop a profile and description of the
ideal candidate’s characteristics and workstyle for a specific position.

The results created a clear description of the traits and workstyles that will make a difference on the job and a set criteria for assessing a candidate’s “fit.”

Here are some examples of sample reports to give you an idea of what your report will look like.

How Do I Interpret the Results?

Your result for each attribute will be displayed on a scale. All results displayed inside the scale represent an acceptable benchmark.

However, if you receive a result outside of the set benchmarks, you will receive a letter that suggests personal development training in certain areas. At the time of recertification, you will be required to complete the Work Style Assessment

How Do I Get Started?

Please contact your Exemplar Global scheme examiner to register for this assessment.

“I found taking the Work Style Assessment to be a positive experience, which gave me valuable insights into my personality traits as well as important observations about my
work performance practices. The positive and developmental comments provided for each work style dimension assessed, helped me understand which aspects I needed to reinforce and which ones I needed to address.” – Tony Tripi