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Who We Are

Exemplar Global is proudly part of the ASQ family. Leading the way to excellence.


Exemplar Global Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that services and supports the conformity
assessment industry (auditors, trainers and certification bodies). We have built a strong legacy over 30 years in auditor and auditor training certification. Our vision is to be the globally acknowledged authority for conformity professional certification, helping individuals and organizations fulfill their potential. To achieve this, we provide:

  • Personnel certification
  • Credential management for individuals seeking further professional recognition
  • Independent certification for training providers to enhance their course quality and outcomes
  • New and innovative services that better serve all of our stakeholders.


Formerly known as RABQSA, Exemplar Global has over 30 years of expertise building certification programs for the conformity community. RABQSA was established in 2004 from the merger of the personnel certification activities of the U.S Registrar Accreditation Board (RAB) with the Australia-based Quality Society of Australasia (QSA). iNARTE
(International Association for Radio, Telecommunications, and Electromagnetics) merged with
RABQSA International in June 2012. In 2014, Exemplar Global was officially born.

Our Mission & Purpose

To certify compliance professionals and organization worldwide and encourage ongoing professional development to drive a positive impact on the industries they serve.

Our Vision

To be the globally acknowledged authority for compliance professional certification, helping individuals and organizations fulfill their potential.

Our Values

Exemplar Global values Excellence, Empathy, Professionalism, Learning, Accountability and Respect.

We are one team, future-focussed and customer-centric. We aim to:

  • Assume good intent
  • Ensure business sustainability; change is a constant
  • Have pride and belief in what we do
  • Collaborate and cooperate to best serve our customers
  • Be accountable and show leadership at all levels
  • Be innovative, with a sense of urgency
  • Support our team members to realise their full potential

Personnel certification

You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and you have the credentials to support your passion. But with more employers and organizations looking for proof of competency to complement these credentials, how do you stand out from the crowd? Our personnel certification provides you with this proof. Globally recognized, our personnel certification supports a large community of highly educated and engaged professionals, taking their career to the next level.

Let us show you how we can support your career and give you all the tools you need to succeed. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting your career, we have a certification program to suit your level of experience and education.

Training course certification

Our training certification programs have been designed to give proof of quality for training providers, higher education institutions, and commercial organizations that offer non-degree training. Our certification process looks at the design, development, and delivery of your course.

Benefits to the training provider:

  • Be a part of the career pathway, assist in building foundation knowledge for aspiring professionals
  • Globally recognized certification that will allow you to find new training revenue streams
  • Support the learning outcome for your students; give greater value to their future employers or clients
  • Provide proof of quality to a global market.

It’s not about the size or reach of a training provider, it’s the demonstration of outcomes for certification. We work with all types of training providers across the board. From specialist training bodies, to the world’s largest training providers, and smaller course providers.

By partnering with us we can help you improve the recognition of your course and make your organization more attractive to potential students.

Beyond certification

The value of Exemplar Global goes beyond simply issuing certificates and digital badges. We provide invaluable resources to help our customers excel in every facet of their careers. This includes regular online events, webinars, and articles in our online publication The Auditor Online. We also enable our customers to connect with other members of the conformity community and enhance their professional development via our online platform, Exemplar LINK.

Furthermore, our customers have the opportunity to secure a low-cost liability insurance program from Exemplar Global. Designed for individuals, this offers high-quality insurance for a fraction of the cost.

Global focus

We work on a global scale, and our team speaks your language, no matter where you are in the world. Our principal offices are located in Sydney, Australia, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the United States.

Why choose us?

We support your career by providing research that gives you the bigger picture about auditing. This includes what makes up the profession and the key industries that require certified professionals as best-practice. We can help you make the choice to pursue a certified career by enabling you to assess your strengths and your readiness for your desired career path. We can help you identify the necessary training and experience required to satisfy future employers. Our certification is just the beginning of your specialized career as you move toward senior grades and specialized work sectors. Finally, we help you give back to your community of professionals by developing your mentoring skills. Should you wish to contribute to the ever-growing body of technical knowledge for your industry, we can provide the medium.

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