Exemplar Global is dedicated to professional excellence. Our products and services help professionals and training providers be recognized in their industry. We provide proof of qualifications, skills and attributes for “best in class” competency.

It’s not enough for people or businesses to say they “can,” Exemplar Global provides a way to “prove” they can.

Exemplar Global recognizes the skills and qualifications of auditors and consultants through personnel certification.

Why Get Certified?

More than just a certificate, Exemplar Global personnel certification can:

  • Enhance your career.
  • Increase your earning potential by 15 percent.
  • Inspire confidence in your skills.
  • Provide independent proof of your knowledge, skills, and competence.
  • Give you global professional recognition.

Our robust certification program can help you demonstrate that you have the necessary knowledge, skills, attributes, and experience to provide value to your organization.

To give you a certification that suits you best, Exemplar Global personnel certification can be tailored to suit your needs across a variety of programs, grades, and options.


  • Business Improvement Auditor
  • Lead Auditor
  • Principal Auditor
  • Auditor
  • Associate Auditor
  • Provisional Auditor

To suit the needs of different individuals and make getting certified even easier, Exemplar Global personnel certification is available as a competency- or qualification-based program.

Competency Based — a candidate’s knowledge, skills, personal attributes, and qualifications specific to the program and/or scope of certification are examined.

Qualification Based — an applicant’s education and qualifications are relied upon, rather than measurable competence.

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Exemplar Global provides certification for training provider’s courses and examinations.

This certification gives evidence to industry that a course is being delivered and examined in a reliable and consistent manner by trainers and examiners that are deemed competent.

Training providers certified with Exemplar Global offer graduates learning outcomes beyond just attaining a certificate of training. The process of becoming certified helps you ensure that your course material meets international standards and aligns with the way you deliver that course or assessment, regardless of the delivery methods.

We certify courses and assessments against a range of popular ISO management system programs, including:

  • Quality
  • Environmental
  • Food safety
  • Occupational health and safety

Exemplar Global offers three training certification products:

Which Training Certification Program Is Right for You?

Does your organization offer training on ISO management systems? If so, then TPECS or TCC are the programs for you.

Do you offer non-degree adult education or corporate training programs? If so, Exemplify is the program for you.

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Personal attributes assessments

Exemplar Global offers a selection of personality-based assessments that are intended to assist auditors and professionals to better understand their strengths and weaknesses. Unlike examination results that have a pass/fail result, the results from these assessments are used to better understand one’s self and may be used to develop individual performance improvement plans.

Exemplar Global offers two personal attribute assessments:

  • Work Style Assessment for Auditors
  • Risk Type Compass

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Continuing professional development
Exemplar Global College offers specialized online courses for auditing and quality professionals as an affordable and accessible continuing professional development option.

Exemplar Global College is purely online and offers courses that are developed by people in the industry, to benefit people like you, who are working in the industry.

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