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Exemplar Global is dedicated to professional excellence. Our products and services help professionals and training providers be recognized in their industry. We provide proof of qualifications, skills and attributes for “best in class” competency.

It’s not enough for people or businesses to say they “can,” Exemplar Global provides a way to “prove” they can.

Exemplar Global recognizes the skills and qualifications of auditors and consultants through personnel certification.

Why Get Certified?

More than just a certificate, Exemplar Global personnel certification can:

  • Enhance your career.
  • Increase your earning potential by 15 percent.
  • Inspire confidence in your skills.
  • Provide independent proof of your knowledge, skills, and competence.
  • Give you global professional recognition.

Our robust certification program can help you demonstrate that you have the necessary knowledge, skills, attributes, and experience to provide value to your organization.

To give you a certification that suits you best, Exemplar Global personnel certification can be tailored to suit your needs across a variety of programs, grades, and options.

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Exemplar Global’s training certification package can help you improve the recognition of your course, offer students additional benefits by attending your course, and market your courses to a wider audience. 

This certification gives evidence to industry that a course is being delivered and examined in a reliable and consistent manner by trainers and examiners that are deemed competent.

Training providers certified with Exemplar Global offer graduates learning outcomes beyond just attaining a certificate of training. The process of becoming certified helps you ensure that your course material meets international standards and aligns with the way you deliver that course or assessment, regardless of the delivery methods.

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Work Style Assessment

The Work Style Assessment self-coaching tool is not your average personal attributes assessment. In fact, it is a sophisticated career and self-coaching development tool that empowers auditors through self-awareness.

The Work Style Assessment is an objective way to learn about your unique personality traits as an auditor and how they manifest on the job. This knowledge leads to a true understanding of capability and performance, and how they can be best utilized.

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