Training Certification Services Transition FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What TCC and TPECs courses are affected and require transition?

TCC Courses:

TPECS Examinations:

3. What are the transition requirements?

Submit updated course and/or exam materials to Exemplar Global for document review to your Exemplar Global Evaluator.

4. What is the deadline for updating courses?

5. What is the cost?

TPs will pay the normal document review fee, per the fee calculator – see our ‘Fee Calculator’

6. What is the deadline for TPs to offer training courses to the previous versions of the standard?

TPs will not be allowed to offer Exemplar Global certified training to the previous versions AFTER:

7. Can TPs issue an updated certificate before the document review is completed and all NCRs are closed out?

TPs who add updated learning objectives to their TCC course materials and/or updated Examination questions to their TPECS Examinations, may issue certificates to the new standard, prior to document review; however, the TP must notify Exemplar Global before doing so.

8. What if TPs do not update their courses before the deadline?

Affected course will be suspended.

9. What if I recently completed a document review for the affected course?

TPS who have had a document review within the last 90 days, should contact Exemplar Global TCS Examiner.

10. What if I choose to update my course/examination prior to my recertification, even though my recertification falls within the transition deadline?

TPs who decide to update their courses/examination prior to the transition deadline will be required to pay the full document review fee. The training provider’s certification dates will not change.

11. What training is required by auditors?

Applicants applying for initial certification with Exemplar Global BEFORE 1-Sep-16 (QMS) or 1-Oct-15 (EMS), have two options to meet the knowledge requirements:

Applicants applying for certification AFTER either transition deadline, must complete a training course (TCC) or examination (TPECS) to the updated versions of the standards (ISO 9001:2015 or ISO 14001:2015), through an Exemplar Global approved Training Provider.