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Client Testimonials

Bud Weightman

President Qualified Specialists, LLC.

“My certifications as a Quality Management System Skill Examiner, Lead Auditor, and Environmental Management System Auditor have afforded our customers with high-level of trust and confidence.”

David Ingham

Fellow Chartered Quality Institute Managing Partner

“My association with Exemplar Global is of great value to me and I aim to keep my certification going to achieve 30 years.”

Afaq Ahmed

Principal Consultant & Trainer

My longstanding association of 28 years with Exemplar Global is proof of their credible global certification services. They made me stand out from the crowd by complementing and certifying my credentials as a Lead Auditor.”

Iain Wells

Exemplar Global Lead Vessel Auditor & OSHA HAZWOPER Instructor

“Once a company or auditors see my Exemplar Global digital badges, it demonstrates that I have the professional certifications to perform the job to Exemplar Global standards.”

Don Brecken

ASQ Fellow, Exemplar Global Master Auditor and Skill Examiner

“My Exemplar Global certification has provided me with an undeniable level of credibility required to audit at the highest level.”

Cathy Keech

OHSMS - QMS - EMS Management Systems Registered Lead Auditor

“My association with Exemplar Global means that my qualifications and years of experience are recognized and verifiable, this is important for my clients, most especially the certification bodies that I provide services for.”

Dr Gloria Carter

Managing Director, Internal Marketing & Development Systems

My professional registration is of great value to me, professionally. In fact, it has made me stand out from the crowd.”

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