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The Future of the Auditing Profession



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This session takes a deep dive into the future of the auditing profession. The session consists of a panel of representatives from certification bodies, accreditation bodies, and a personnel certification body—key stakeholders in the audit-driven certification process. The session focuses on new and upcoming disruptive technologies, industries, and market drivers. Our panelists each give a brief perspective on the future of auditing and then moves on to a lively conversation with our panel about what the future holds for auditing, standards, and certification. We challenged our panelists to get their insights into how emerging technologies, standards, and regulatory changes will affect the auditing profession. How do we define competence in this new space? How do we evaluate, audit, and certify an artificial auditor? We’ll discuss how we all remain relevant in this brave new world. The future is here. Are we ready?

Panelists Include:

  • Andrew Baines, CEO of Exemplar Global
  • John Knappenberger, CEO of ANAB
  • James Galloway, CEO of JAS-ANZ
  • Ben White, General Manager of Sci Qual International
  • Joseph Krolikowski, QMS Program Manager, Perry Johnson Registars
  • Adam McDean, CEO of QMS Certification Services

This session is pre-recorded and has been edited for clarity. You will be able to ask questions and post comments on the webinar page. We’ll moderate those and respond to as many as we can.

This is the first of a year-long series of webinars on the Future of Auditing. We hope this session will serve as a springboard to generate topics for some of our future sessions—some of which may be live. Some of these sessions may be panels, some may be a single presenter, and some may be more traditional, tools-focused sessions. We hope you can join us for more as we move throughout the year.

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