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My company plays an important role in ensuring the safety and quality of products and services and in protecting the environment. Most likely, you and your company do, too. Over time, changes in all aspects of the global marketplace require resultant changes to the standards and to those of us using the standards. This dynamic requires each and every part of the global economy to expand its knowledge, update it practices, and improve its methods to remain relevant and viable. The entire system of change is embedded in life in general and with our focus in business life.
The ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) accredits certification bodies, calibration and testing laboratories, forensic testing agencies, inspection bodies, police crime units, reference material producers, and proficiency testing providers.

You wouldn’t want to be treated by a doctor who isn’t board certified in her specialty, or send your child to a college or university that isn’t accredited, would you? Like the medical and educational accrediting bodies, we conduct audits to make sure our customers follow international standards and are competent to do their work.

The work we do helps facilitate international trade and eliminate the expense of redundant audits and tests.
While the work we do is important, we don’t operate in a vacuum. Like the threads in a tapestry, we are just one of many players contributing to the good of the greater whole. We work best and each of us is most effective when we work together.

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