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How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming the Auditing Profession



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Artificial intelligence (AI) technology and cognitive systems are creating a new partnership between people and computers that enhances, scales, and accelerates human expertise. With the explosion of devices being added to the internet of things—all generating new sources of data—AI technology can include these valuable new data sources and connect that information directly back to its human end user in the form of deep insights and knowledge.

For example, doctors have been using AI technology for several years to gain deeper insights into treatment options and matching for clinical trials. Armed with historical as well as real-time data from the entire value chain, leaders can make more timely, insightful decisions, and optimize value chains to more effectively use resources to deliver the best products and services for their customers.

Most global organizations are already making the transformation to a digital business, which is driving an increasing demand for cognitive technology to provide operational analytic capabilities across the enterprise. Cognitive cloud technology can also enhance the capabilities of auditors to provide greater value to clients by providing deeper insights about the strategic governance and control across an entire corporate enterprise.

In the end, having AI capabilities available to auditing professionals and practitioners may provide the key to helping increase competitiveness and accelerate growth for the next generation of business.

About the Presenter

Elmer K. Corbin, Global delivery excellence executive, IBM Watson HealthElmer Corbin is the 2018 ASQ Chairman of the Board of Directors and currently serves as global delivery excellence executive for the IBM Watson Health business unit. In this role, he is responsible for collaborating globally across IBM and with industry partners to ensure high quality, on-time delivery of breakthrough innovation in cloud and Watson cognitive services to help create strategic advantage for IBM’s clients and accelerate successful achievement of their mission and goals.

Throughout his 30-year career at IBM, Corbin has served in a wide variety of major technical, business, and executive leadership roles, including leading a business unit of over 700 employees responsible for the development of the IBM BlueGene/L supercomputer and the core processor technology that helped all three of IBM’s leading video game console clients revolutionize the home entertainment market.

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