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Software Enabled Integrated Management Systems and Digitalization of New Product Development



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Many organizations want to implement multiple standards but are not sure what the most efficient approach is. ‎Integrated management systems and enterprise quality/integrated management systems software assists organizations in implementing integrated management systems. Enterprise IMS software will save implementation costs by 50 percent, maintenance costs by 66 percent, and third-party auditing costs by 20 percent when integrating ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001.

Additionally, another important up and coming methodology is digitalization of key processes. This presentation will cover what digitalization means for organizations and will explain what it means to have a digitalized new product development process in your organization. Join this session to hear discussion on the important topic of enterprise integrated management system workflows and the digitalization of key company business processes.

This presentation will be conducted by Jennifer McWilliams, quality manager for Continental Corp.

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