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Organizational Digital Badging

A modern way to display your organization's competencies

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Exemplar Global is committed to providing organizations with all the tools necessary to achieve their goals

At Exemplar Global we are committed to providing all our customers with the tools necessary to achieve their goals. That is why we have extended our badging program, powered by our partner Credly, to include our training provider partner organizations.

Important: We have replaced issuing the Exemplar Global logo with our digital badges, which are more relevant and current to the certification that you hold.

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What is an organizational digital badge?

Organizational digital badges essentially provide verified evidence of the competencies of training provider organizations. By doing this, they will also build trust in and recognition of their brand in a competitive global training marketplace.

What are the benefits of an organizational digital badge?

The beauty of an organizational digital badge is that it is instant and shareable. The credibility of the Exemplar Global brand is also captured in the badge, in full view for an organization’s network to see. This helps to eliminate any concerns of false claims of certification by other training organizations that do not have a relationship with Exemplar Global, reducing competition from these uncertified organizations in their region.

How do organizations accept and manage their Exemplar Global digital badge?

If you are an Exemplar Global training provider partner, you will receive an email from notifying you of your digital badge. Click the ‘View Details’ button in this email. You will then be guided through the necessary steps to start an account with Credly to accept your badge.

How can organizations best promote their badges?

To maximize the visibility of an organizational badge, we encourage recipients to share it on their social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), and by embedding it in their company email signatures and website.

When sharing digital badges on social media, please ensure that you tag Exemplar Global in your posts so we can see it too. To tag us in your posts, please insert the @ symbol before typing in ‘Exemplar Global’.

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Did you know that digital badging is one of the many products and services offered by Exemplar Global through Exemplar LINK?

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