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NARTE (National Assocation for Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics) was founded as a non-profit membership/certification organization in 1982. NARTE initiated and developed a comprehensive certification program for telecommunications engineers and technicians.

In 2007, NARTE became iNARTE (International Assocation for Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics) to better align with the organization’s global presence. iNARTE’s professional certifications are offered to qualified engineers and technicians in the fields of telecommunications, electromagnetic compatibility/ interference (EMC/EMI), product safety (PS), electrostatic discharge control (ESD), and wireless systems installation.

More than 20,000 telecommunications and EMC engineers and technicians in more than 25 countries have met the rigid certification criteria, which encompasses education, training, work experience, and examination. The competency of iNARTE-certified personnel has prompted many of the telephone, rail, power, pipeline, defense, and other industry organizations to mandate or prefer iNARTE certifications as a prerequisite to employment.

iNARTE has been part of Exemplar Global (formerly known as RABQSA) since 2012. Exemplar Global was created in 2004 from the acquisition of the personnel certification activities of U.S.-based Registrar Accreditation Board (RAB) by Australia-based Quality Society of Australasia (QSA). iNARTE merged with RABQSA International in June 2012. Aligning with the needs of the iNARTE community remains critical to the team at Exemplar Global.

History of iNARTE

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