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iNARTE Profile: Marc Ouellette



Marc Ouellette is electrical/electronic assembler and test/troubleshooter at Nova-Tron Mfg. Corp. His primary area of expertise is electrical, electronics, and wireless systems. He has been certified with iNARTE for 22 years, including as an iNARTE Telecommunications Master Engineer. Other certifications he holds include CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Server+, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA RFID+, CompTIA Convergence+, ETA Certified Wireless Network Technician, F.C.C. Commercial General Radio-Telephone License, F.C.C. Amateur Extra Class Radio License, and a former Cisco Route/Switch and Wireless Certification.

In this profile, we cover his education, his career, and advice for those beginning their careers (especially if they are trying to pass certification exams).

iNARTE: Was engineering your first career choice?

Marc Ouellette: Electronic engineering with a wireless major was my first choice in college. I hold a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications engineering, an associate in applied science degree in electronic technology, an associate degree in electronics engineering technology, and an associate degree in science with a major in networking.

i: How has iNARTE certification contributed to or influenced your career?

MO: My Telecommunications Master Engineer certification has helped me in my career field, with raises and promotions and different levels of responsibility.

i: What are some of the most meaningful moments in your career?

MO: Working at a military AUTOVON site tied to the Pentagon, White House, and NORAD. Working on digital microwave communications equipment and fiber optic and broadband wireless installations.

i: What advice would you give those at the beginning of their career or those soon to graduate college?

MO: My advice would be to become certified in the fields you are interested in and keep up to date on current technologies. Even though you graduate from college, you have to keep learning and advancing.

i: Additional thoughts or anecdotes you wish to share?

MO: Even if you don’t pass a certification the first or second time, don’t quit. Keep studying and you will eventually pass. Some certifications are very hard, but they are worth the benefit.

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