Dijana Green

Dijana Green loves the food industry, having worked in the industry for 28 years. Green is a food technologist and holds positions such as executive member of the Australian Society Baking Committee, manufacturing presentative on Siliker board, and comes with a reputable background in leading quality and food safety in the industry. She is an international auditor, consultant, trainer, and recently became a contract auditor for JAS-ANZ.

Green started her food safety career in 1989 with George Weston Foods. Her responsibilities over the years have ranged from quality through to national quality assurance manager, Baking Division, for Goodman Fielder, managing 44 bakeries nationally prior to starting Elevating Food Safety Pty. Ltd. in March 2009. The roles were very hands on both operationally and commercially.

Elevating Food Safety is one of Australia’s trusted leading experts in the food and beverage industry, serving as a one stop technical service working with manufacturers, retailers, food service, hotels, quick service restaurants, event companies, restaurants, warehouse, and distribution networks. Elevating Food Safety works with hundreds of clients, ranging from low-, medium- to high-risk facilities.

Elevating Food Safety provides services in Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, and Asia. Services include quality and food safety systems, including gap and benchmarking audits, nutritional services, process improvement, quality and food safety boutique training, and recruitment of quality, operational, and executive professionals.

When Dijana is not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and exercising outdoors.


How Can You Guarantee a Successful Food Audit for a Win-Win Result?

Manufacturers are faced with multiple audits and they are not slowing down. Quality and food safety standards vary across the board and auditees are subject to various auditors with different experience, knowledge, and skill sets.

Based on your auditor style and knowledge how can you guarantee a win-win situation when conducting an audit?

This presentation includes examples and facts to help you learn how to efficiently steer the audit to a win-win situation.