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Four Fonterra Food Safety Auditors
Certified in Virtual Awards



Four of Fonterra’s internal food safety auditors received Personnel Certification from Exemplar Global in two virtual award ceremonies held this week.

The team members played a vital role in the global pilot of the Internal Food Safety Auditor (Recognized Employer) Scheme, led by Debra Snyman, Fonterra’s National Quality Assurance Manager – Central, and Global Internal Food Safety Audit Lead. Jessica Wang from China, Hester van der Meer from Amsterdam, Abdul Halim Abrar from Malaysia, and Hiroko Moriya from Japan were awarded certificates. Tao Wang, General Manager of Food Safety, Quality, Regulatory Affairs, and Health & Safety – Fonterra Greater China and Intan Safizah Salim, Associate Director of Food Safety – Fonterra Brands Malaysia, were invited to attend and support their team members.

Andrew Baines (President & CEO), Brian Weeks (Chief of Staff), presented the certificates on behalf of Exemplar Global, supported by Wendy Edwards (Project Director) and Erin Unwin (Technical & Operations Manager, Food Safety).

This marks a significant milestone and the successful completion of the pilot, allowing Fonterra to assure its customers that it has globally recognized independent certification and assessment for Internal Food Safety auditors. Exemplar Global looks forward to welcoming the remaining Fonterra Internal Food Safety auditors into the community as the scheme expands. If you’re interested in becoming a Recognized Employer, please get in touch with Exemplar Global.

For more information about Exemplar Global’s Food Safety Auditor certificates, please visit

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