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Food Safety Professionals Gathering and Celebrating At SQF Unites 2024 Conference & Expo



sqf unites

SQF Unites, March 11 – 14, 2024 serves as a paramount gathering for food safety professionals, offering a platform where industry leaders converge to celebrate and reinforce their commitment to ensuring the highest standards of food safety. This annual event brings together experts, practitioners, and stakeholders, fostering a collaborative atmosphere that transcends organizational boundaries.

Amidst the vibrant atmosphere of SQF Unites, professionals exchange insights, share best practices, and explore innovative solutions to the evolving challenges in the food safety landscape. The event is a testament to the collective dedication to safeguarding the global food supply chain. Participants engage in enlightening discussions, workshops, and networking sessions, cultivating a sense of unity in the pursuit of excellence in food safety.

The celebration is not just about compliance and regulations but also about the passion and resilience of the individuals who play a crucial role in ensuring a safe food supply chain. It is an occasion to recognize their tireless efforts, applaud their achievements, and inspire a continued commitment to advancing food safety standards.

SQF Unites places a strategic focus on addressing contemporary challenges in the food industry by incorporating cutting-edge elements into its program. The event highlights advancements in traceability, emphasizing the crucial role it plays in identifying and mitigating potential risks within the supply chain. Attendees delve into discussions about the integration of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance efficiency and accuracy in food safety processes.

Moreover, the program sheds light on cybersecurity, recognizing the growing importance of safeguarding digital systems against threats that could compromise food safety data. Participants engage in dialogues about the evolving landscape of food defense, cybersecurity and more.

SQF Unites also serves as a forum for unveiling and discussing the developments in Edition 10, the latest iteration of the SQF Code. Professionals actively contribute their input, shaping the future of food safety training and practices. This forward-looking approach ensures that the industry remains at the forefront of innovation, continually adapting to emerging challenges and technological advancements.  See the program here.

SQF Excellence Awards

The SQF Excellence Awards recognize the contributions and accomplishments of SQF auditors and practitioners. The awards recognize individuals for their exceptional performance and contributions to the SQF program’s mission and food safety promotion.

Exemplar Global is delighted to continue its sponsorship of the SQF Excellence Awards, recognizing the outstanding achievements and commitment of SQF auditors and practitioners. Join us on Tuesday, March 12, at 4:30 pm for a session where in addition to the awards presentation, Andrew Baines, President & CEO of Exemplar Global, will share and explores the value and impact of the innovative SQF Professional Pathways program. The new initiative is dedicated to fortifying expertise in operational and strategic domains, with a strong emphasis on fostering trust and confidence. With a legacy of 35 years in excellence, Exemplar Global specializes in certifying compliance professionals and organizations on a global scale. Our commitment extends to promoting continuous professional development, aiming to make a positive and lasting impact on food safety practices worldwide.

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