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Fonterra and Exemplar Global Collaborate to Enhance Internal Food Safety Auditor Recognition



Fonterra, the world’s largest exporter of dairy products, recently hosted an award certificate ceremony in Hamilton, marking a significant milestone in their collaboration with Exemplar Global.

Over the past year, Fonterra, renowned for its leadership in dairy science, innovation, and brand portfolio in the Asia Pacific region, partnered with Exemplar Global to pilot independent recognition for its internal food safety auditors. This strategic alliance has recognized the invaluable role internal food safety auditors play in ensuring the safety of our food.  Achieving independent Personnel Certification provides assurance the same standards are consistently applied across the global audit team.  It also means individuals are recognized as professionals within the wider food safety community.

During the award ceremony, Andrew Baines, President and CEO of Exemplar Global, represented the organization and presented the certificates to certified Fonterra auditors. This momentous occasion showcased the unique partnership between a personnel certification body and an industry leader, establishing Fonterra as the first Recognized Employer in the Internal Food Safety Auditor Personnel Certification program.

“The collaboration between Fonterra and Exemplar Global sets a new standard in the industry,” stated Andrew Baines. “By joining forces, we have created a personnel certification program that not only enhances Fonterra’s internal auditor capability but also provides their customers with the assurance of excellence in auditing.”

To learn more about Exemplar Global’s comprehensive range of Food Safety Certifications, please explore our dedicated section on Food Safety Certifications.

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