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What can I do in Exemplar LINK?



The first thing you can do is build your personalized professional profile. If you are a current Exemplar Global customer with a customer portal, your information, where relevant, will be pre-populated in Exemplar LINK and you will be asked to complete any gaps in your profile.

Essentially, your Exemplar LINK professional profile is similar to a resume or LinkedIn profile. Once shared, it will enable you to promote your skills, help you find new professional opportunities and connect you with other professionals in our community. You can even include your digital badges, resume and certifications on your profile. Based on your sharing preferences, your personalized profile can be visible to other professionals or businesses that are seeking the skills and experience that you have.

Your Exemplar LINK profile is your passport to many benefits and opportunities, which include:

  • Finding  your next business or employment opportunity
  • Connecting you with other like-minded professionals via networking opportunities, events and webinars
  • Planning your career path and discover new career routes
  • Sharing your achievements such as certifications, digital badges, and audit logs
  • Managing your existing Exemplar Global certifications and keeping abreast of new training programs and courses.

Note: Current Exemplar Global customers who haven’t logged in since the creation of  Exemplar LINK in 2021 will be immediately migrated across to the platform once they set up their Exemplar LINK profile.


Ready to get certified? Register & Apply for your certification on

Exemplar LINK

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