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Exemplar Global Launches Recognized Consulting Group Program for Consulting Groups




Exemplar Global is excited to announce the launch of its new Recognized Consulting Group (RCG) program. The RCG program is designed specifically for consulting groups and individual consultants who want to gain global recognition in the compliance industry while offering their consultants professional recognition for their expertise and ongoing professional development.

The RCG program provides consulting groups with access to extensive professional development opportunities that will enhance their consultancy’s reputation and establish their consultants as leaders in the compliance field. Consulting groups need only provide a list of their consultants who will engage in the program, and Exemplar Global will take care of the rest.

By joining the RCG program, consulting groups can set themselves apart from competitors and showcase their credibility with the backing of Exemplar Global’s internationally recognized brand. They can also strengthen client relationships and enhance their organization’s value proposition by extending a broad range of Exemplar Global benefits to their clients.

In addition, consulting groups can utilize the Exemplar Global Work Style Assessment (WSA) to identify candidates whose work styles align with role and team requirements, leading to better recruitment decisions and improved job satisfaction. They can also access a network of global compliance professionals through Exemplar LINK and stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices through Exemplar Global’s ongoing professional development opportunities.

The RCG program also benefits consultants by certifying them with Exemplar Global’s Personnel Certification program, providing continuous professional development opportunities, and empowering them and their managers with the Exemplar Global Work Style Assessment (WSA), a self-coaching tool that provides valuable insights and supports career development.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your consultancy’s reputation and gain professional recognition for your consultants. Contact us to join the RCG program today and start the process of certification.

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