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Discovering Your Work Style for Professional Growth and Success



In the dynamic field of auditing, understanding your unique work style and personality traits is essential for professional growth and success. Exemplar Global’s Work Style Assessment is a powerful tool designed to provide auditors with valuable insights into their capabilities, skills, and performance. Developed in collaboration with industry professionals, this assessment tool offers personalized coaching and helps auditors maximize their potential in the workplace.

What is the Work Style Assessment?

Developed in collaboration with auditing professionals, psychometricians, and job experts, Exemplar Global’s Work Style Assessment is a powerful self-coaching tool that goes beyond a simple personal attributes assessment. It is designed to empower auditors by fostering self-awareness and facilitating career development. This assessment offers an objective way to explore your unique personality traits as they relate to your role as an auditor, allowing for a deeper understanding of your capabilities and performance. With insights gained from the assessment, you can effectively leverage your strengths and identify areas for improvement.

What does the Work Style Assessment measure?

The Work Style Assessment measures an individual’s unique personality traits, skills, capabilities, and performance, making it an essential resource for auditing professionals.

Benefits for organizations:

  • Identify Best-Suited Candidates: The assessment helps organizations identify individuals who possess the ideal work style for auditor positions, ensuring a better fit between employees and their roles.
  • Enhance Organizational Performance: By optimizing the utilization of employee strengths and addressing any weaknesses, the assessment contributes to improved organizational performance.
  • Support Career Development: The assessment highlights areas of strength and opportunities for growth, enabling organizations to provide targeted training and development programs for their auditors.
  • Provide Objective Feedback: Based on job-related criteria, the assessment offers objective feedback to help organizations make informed decisions regarding employee assignments and career paths.
  • Boost Job Satisfaction and Engagement: By offering opportunities for professional development and growth, the assessment enhances employee job satisfaction and engagement.

Benefits for individuals:

  • Self-Understanding and Interpersonal Relationships: The assessment helps individuals better understand themselves and their work style, leading to increased self-awareness and improved interpersonal relationships in the workplace.
  • Discover Your Auditor Personality Traits: Gain valuable insights into your unique personality traits as an auditor, enabling you to leverage your strengths and make conscious choices in your work.
  • Maximize Potential: By providing insights into your skills, capabilities, and performance, the assessment empowers you to maximize your potential in the auditing profession.
  • Career Growth and Development: Identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth, enabling you to focus your efforts on enhancing your skills and advancing your career.
  • Professional Satisfaction: By aligning your work style with your role as an auditor, the assessment helps you find fulfillment and satisfaction in your professional journey.

In summary, Exemplar Global’s Work Style Assessment is a valuable tool for auditors seeking to understand their unique work style and unlock their full potential in the field. By offering personalized insights, this assessment enables individuals to make informed decisions, enhance their skills, and foster a rewarding and successful career in auditing. Embrace the power of self-awareness and start your journey towards professional growth with Exemplar Global’s Work Style Assessment.

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