Which Certified Training Provider Program Is Right for You?

  • Does your organization offer training on ISO management systems? If so, then TPECS or TCC are the programs for you.
  • Do you offer non-degree adult education or corporate training programs? If so, EXEMPLIFY is the program for you.


TPECS, Assessment Outcomes for Competency-Based Training Certification

The Exemplar Global Training Provider and Examiner Certification Scheme (TPECS) focuses on the assessment outcomes of competency-based training courses. This training program has been designed to reflect contemporary and innovative learning and assessment practices, industry expectations, and demonstrate that applicants have achieved the level of knowledge competence required for Exemplar Global personnel certification. Successful graduates are able to apply for Exemplar Global personnel certification.

TPECS is focused on determining knowledge competence. TPECS requires a training provider to:

  • Establish an examination for each Exemplar Global defined knowledge competency, and an examiner’s guide that provides sufficient detail to ensure examination is fair, valid, reliable and impartial, and delivers consistency in examination outcomes.
  • Utilize competent examiners.
  • Maintain effective supporting administrative processes.

Click here to download the TPECS Competency Units


TCC, Training Management and Delivery

Exemplar Global Training Course Certification (TCC) focuses on training management and delivery. The evaluation of the training course involves every aspect of training; from the design and application of the training management system, delivery of course content, performance of instructors and provision of course support, to the assessment of key learning objectives.

TCC is designed for specific management system auditor training. An applicant seeking certification to an Exemplar Global qualification-based personnel certification scheme must be deemed qualified in the knowledge and experience requirements for that scheme. TCC is focused on determining that your training course graduate possesses the required knowledge. This in turn helps you better market your training. TCC certifies that the organization providing training is able to demonstrate effective and appropriate training. It must:

  • Cover the necessary subjects in satisfactory depth.
  • Be effectively presented.
  • Measure the students’ comprehension and performance.
  • Be supported by effective and efficient administrative processes.

Click here to download a list of TCC Courses


Exemplify: Proof of Training Course Excellence

You know your training course is great. But can you prove it?

Exemplar Global’s Exemplify does just this and provides proof of training course framework excellence. In gaining Exemplify certification, training providers arm themselves with a verifiable competitive advantage that demonstrates their commitment to training excellence.

Aligned with ISO 29993:2017—an international standard that prescribes globally-recognized quality assurance requirements for the design and delivery of learning services—Exemplify delivers dramatic training course framework improvements.

The certification process involves in-depth evaluation of the training course framework, including design, development, and delivery. Exemplify provides training providers with comprehensive consultation that provides insight and expertise on how to deliver an excellent learning experience. If the course does not meet the requirements of the standard, the Exemplify process will identify the needed gaps and corrective action.

Successful completion of the Exemplify evaluation and certification process allows training firms to demonstrate that their courses reflect world-class practices for meeting the learning needs of students and provides assurance to customers that the course represents a sound investment.

Here’s how to begin:

  1. Find out which training course certification program is right for you
  2. Find out what you need to know in advance of applying
  3. Contact us with any questions. We will then send you a proposal that details the certification process and expectations you can have on us.
  4. Once you’re confident to submit your course material, return your signed proposal to start the certification process.

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