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Certifications for ASQ CQAs

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As an ASQ Certified Quality Auditor you’ve demonstrated your knowledge and qualifications as an internal auditor. As your career progresses, what’s the next milestone to reach for?

Whether you’re interested in becoming a third-party auditor, a management system specialist, or a business improvement professional, our range of certifications and tools help you demonstrate your competence to a global market.

Why Exemplar Global?

Exemplar Global is a part of ASQ, and you may know us by our former name, RABQSA. For over 30 years we’ve helped thousands of professionals receive global recognition of their knowledge, skills, and personal attributes.

Your CQA certification positions you well to either move into a career as a third-party auditor or to continue your career as a quality professional. In either case, we have the right certification to help you achieve your goals.

Quality Management System Certification

Our QMS auditor certifications provide international recognition for auditors who conduct quality management system audits using national or international management system standards. They are also a great way to start a career as a third-party auditor. Find out more about our QMS auditor certifications here.

Certified Management System Specialist

The Certified Management System Specialist program is suited for professionals who assist with or lead the design, development, implementation, maintenance, or improvement of management systems. On a broader level, the program is suited to individuals working in quality teams and are responsible for implementing or managing a quality management system such as ISO 9001. Find out more about our CMSS certification here.

Environmental Management System (EMS) Auditor

Exemplar Global’s Environmental Management System (EMS) Auditor certification program provides international recognition for auditors who conduct environmental management system audits. Aligned with ISO 14001:2015, Exemplar Global’s EMS Auditor certification can give you assurance that your audits to the revised standard will be accepted globally.
Find out more about our EMS certifications here.

Medical Devices Auditor

Exemplar Global’s Medical Device Auditor certification program provides international recognition for auditors who conduct medical device audits using national, international management system standards (e.g., ISO 13485:2016). They may also use other management system standards and normative and industry references that are recognized by Exemplar Global. Find out more about our Medical Devices certifications here.

How to get started

Because you’re already a CQA, earning Exemplar Global certification is easy. It’s just a few simple steps. We’ll even offer our normal application fee at a special reduced rate. Click here to submit your contact information. A member of the certification team will set up an appointment to walk you through the process.

Please note auditor grade is the highest level of certification that can be granted automatically. You may apply for a higher grade of certification, however you will be required to demonstrate additional requirements to become certified.

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