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WDCP Engineer

General Overview

iNARTE Wireless Device Certification Professional (WDCP) Certification

Please note: new applications are no longer being accepted for the WDCP certification program. The WDCP certification program is transitioning to the Spectrum Management certification program. Click here for more information.

The iNARTE Wireless Device Certification Professional (WDCP) Certification Program focuses the skills and knowledge required in the global regulatory requirements applicable to the wide range of wireless devices in most market segments.

This certification program is for professionals who are qualified to test, evaluate, and perform certifications of radio frequency transmitter devices and systems.

The WDCP Certification program certifies those people dealing with the installation of unlicensed systems to add definition to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requirement for professional installation.

Professional Certification for Engineers and Technicians

This certification is suitable for engineers and technicians who are skilled and knowledgeable in the global regulatory requirements applicable to wireless devices. Accordingly, iNARTE does not mandate a specific post-secondary education background, although an appropriate engineering or physical science qualification will be recognized during application review. Candidates without such a background will be allowed to support their application through years of direct work experience.

Candidates who are already iNARTE Certified EMC engineers or technicians will be allowed exemption from Part 1 of the WDCP examination, which covers EMC basic knowledge and fundamentals. Part 2 must be attempted since it contains questions directly applicable to the certification testing of wireless devices.

WDCP is currently not accepting new applications.

Ongoing Certification Requirements

Click below button to download continuing professional development log to submit with your renewal.

Click here to download CPD log

Code of Ethics

Click here to download the iNARTE Code of Ethics

Program Objectives

Our Process Safety Management personnel certification program will:

  • Assist organizations to select qualified Process Safety Management auditors
  • Enhance the professional recognition of Process Safety Management auditors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my training certificate valid?

Exemplar Global recognizes training completed with training providers who have held or currently hold certification with us under our current name or previous trading names (RABQSA, QSA, RAB) for 10 years from the date the training was completed. These are for our management system schemes, such as QMS, EMS, OHS, etc.

Some of our schemes require a training certificate to have been issued within the last three years. Please check the specific certification requirements for the scheme you wish to apply for. If your training was completed outside of the training requirement time, you may need to complete a relevant knowledge examination, if available. If a knowledge examination is not available, this may be substituted with an audit log showing relevant audit experience. If you choose this method, we require that you show evidence of 10 audit days reflecting the specific scheme (e.g, QMS, EMS, OHS, etc.) and grade (i.e., auditor or lead auditor) you wish to apply for. Importantly, the audit dates captured in your log need to have been conducted within the past three years.

Do you recognize certification from other bodies?

There are current agreements with ICRA/CQI, PECB, and the CCAA to recognize certification. Applicants must be able to demonstrate holding a current certification with one of the above mentioned bodies in order to qualify.

How do I check on the status of my application for certification?

You can check on the status of your application for certification via our Exemplar LINK platform at At the top-level navigation, select the ‘Manage My Certifications’ button and from the drop- down menu choose the Exemplar Global option. From there, select the ‘Current Certifications’ tab. You will then be taken through to the ‘Applications in Progress’ page where you can check the status of your certification application.

Where are the documents I uploaded in support of my application for certification?

Once you submit your application for certification, you will not be able to see the documents you have uploaded to support your application. Please contact your certification specialist or if you need assistance.

How long does it take to process my application for certification?

It usually takes between seven to 10 business days to complete this process. However, this is provided that all supporting documents have been uploaded by the applicant.


How do I apply for certification?

Before you apply for certification, please ensure that you meet all the requirements specific to the scheme you wish to apply for. You can review those requirements on our website. These can be found by clicking on the ‘Individual Auditors’ tab at the top-level navigation of our homepage. From the drop-down menu, select the ‘Browse All Certifications’ option. From there, you will be taken to a page that features the different categories of certifications we offer, including Education Systems, Food Safety Systems etc. Select the scheme you are are interested in and click the ‘Learn More’ button. You will then be taken through to your selected scheme page. From there,  click on the ‘Download Certification Requirements’ button on the right hand side of the page. Please review the requirements carefully to ensure that you meet the scheme, grade and scope requirements.

If you are a new customer, you will need to create an account with Exemplar LINK, our customer portal platform. You can access Exemplar LINK via or via the Exemplar LINK login button on our website. From there, you can enter your contact details and create your account.

Once you have an account, either as a new customer or as an existing customer, you can apply for certification by following these steps:

  1. Login to Exemplar LINK at
  2. Click on the ‘Manage My Certifications’ button, located at the top-hand navigation.
  3. Click on the ‘Apply for Certification’ button.
  4. Select the category of certification you are interested in, such as Quality Systems.
  5. Click on the specific certification you wish to apply for, such as Quality Management System Auditor.
  6. Select Qualification-Based certification, if prompted. This will vary by scheme.
  7. Select your desired grade. Please note that only customers with at least 12 years of continuous certification with Exemplar Global may choose the Master Auditor grade.
  8. Review the the certification, recertification, and expansion requirements relevant to your scheme and grade, and click the ‘Continue to Scopes’ button  at the bottom of the page. Please refer to the PDF Scope document for criteria.
  9. Select any scopes you wish to apply for and click on the ‘Continue To Code of Conduct’ button at the bottom of the page.
  10. Tick the box next to each item in the Code of Conduct. By doing so, you agree to adhere to this code. Failure to do so may result in the termination of your certification. Click on the ‘Continue To Authorisation’ button.
  11. If your organization has given you an authorisation code, please enter it here and click the ‘Validate’ button. If not, click on the ‘Continue to Payment’ button.
  12. Carefully review your application information and payment options.
  13. Select a payment option and enter your payment details. Please note that you may choose to pay your annual fees monthly. However, this will only take effect with your next annual fee.
  14. Finally, click the ‘Pay Now’ button. Please note that all fees are non-refundable, so ensure you meet the certification requirements before applying for certification. Also, we are required to collect GST from our Australian customers.

Once we have received your application, an Exemplar Global certification specialist will contact you if any additional information or steps are required.

Before You Apply For a Certification

Download the “Certification Requirements” document from the certification page you wish to apply for.
Carefully review the requirements to see if you have the qualification (training) needed and have met the scheme, grade, and scope.

How to Apply

Once you have met all the requirements, you’re ready to begin your 5 Steps to Certification!

Steps to Certification

  • Register

    Go on to Exemplar LINK to sign up and register your details

  • Login

    Login to Exemplar LINK & continue to: Manage My Certification > Exemplar Global > Apply for Certification

  • Select

    Select the Certification you want to apply for

  • Submit

    Upload your auditor training certificate requirements & pay your fee

  • Assess

    Complete the Work Style Assessment

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