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Safe Quality Food Certified Professionals

General Overview

The Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) partners with Exemplar Global to independently deliver Personnel Certification for SQF Certified Professionals. Exemplar Global operates to the principles of ISO17024:2012 and our accreditation scope includes Certified SQF Auditor.

Options for becoming an SQF Certified Professional are:

SQF Auditors and Technical Reviewer

SQF Auditors and technical reviewers work for a licensed SQF certification body as an employee or a subcontractor. SQF auditors and technical reviewers are part of the SQF certification process essential to maintaining food safety and quality at food businesses throughout the global supply chain.

SQF Trainer

SQF trainers are registered with SQFI and employed by a licensed SQF training center to teach SQF courses. The role of the SQF trainer is to impart knowledge to food safety professionals.

SQF Consultant

SQF consultants provide guidance to sites seeking certification without managing the site’s SQF program. Consultants must be registered by SQFI and are hired by sites to help develop, implement, verify, and maintain their SQF programs.

The program describes the qualifications and registration requirements for professionals auditing. On a broad level, it  focuses on the benefits to the industry and consumers—whereby improved product quality enhances marketability and profitability.

For more information about SQFI, click here.

Before You Apply For a Certification

Download the “Certification Requirements” document from the certification page you wish to apply for.
Carefully review the requirements to see if you have the qualification (training) needed and have met the scheme, grade, and scope.

How to Apply

Once you have met all the requirements, you’re ready to begin your 5 Steps to Certification!

Steps to Certification

  • Register

    Go on to Exemplar LINK to sign up and register your details

  • Login

    Login to Exemplar LINK & continue to: Manage My Certification > Exemplar Global > Apply for Certification

  • Select

    Select the Certification you want to apply for

  • Submit

    Upload your auditor training certificate requirements & pay your fee

  • Assess

    Complete the Work Style Assessment

Ready to get certified? Register & Apply for your certification on

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