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Are you a food safety auditor in Australia? Want to provide the industry confidence in your food safety auditing abilities?

Exemplar Global’s National Food Safety (NFSA) Auditor certification program can give you the recognition you need to stand out from the crowd.

The NFSA certification program provides national recognition for food safety professionals on behalf of Australian state regulators.

Benefits of Exemplar Global NFSA certification include:

  • National recognition and consistency, which improves industry confidence
  • Additional specialized industry scopes available

The NFSA Auditor certification program has been developed by Exemplar Global in conjunction with the Australian Government, primary producers, food manufacturers, retailers, trainers, and certification bodies.

The Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry initiated the project to develop a single national certification scheme that encompasses first-, second-, and third-party auditors.

To develop the program, Exemplar Global convened a committee of key stakeholders to identify the essential requirements for effective food safety auditors. The NFSA scheme committee identified the criteria necessary to determine an applicant’s competency to perform food safety audits. The criteria included the requirements for the applicant to demonstrate specific knowledge, skills, personal attributes, and qualifications.

The culmination of this work is a food safety auditor certification scheme designed and endorsed by the industry—delivering a high calibre of food safety auditors to support the entire supply chain and is recognized nationally.

So what are you waiting for? Download the requirements and click “Apply Now” to get started.