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Important: This certification program is only available in Korea.

Many organizations seek the support of experts to provide consultancy regarding sales, marketing, technical advice, and certification. International Certification Experts are engaged to provide consulting services in these areas based on national or international standards, or other normative or industry standards/references recognized in different countries. An external consultant plays a critical role in the shaping the business.

Do you consult with organizations using national or International Standards, or other normative or industry standards/references? Want to demonstrate that you are an International Certification Expert? Looking for certification that is more comprehensive than a training certificate? Exemplar Global’s International Certification Expert program, developed in liaison with Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL) and industry representatives, can give you the international recognition you need to stand out from the crowd.

Through extensive examination of your knowledge, work experience, and competence to consult, Exemplar Global’s International Certification Expert certification can demonstrate your solid understanding in the field of certification.

The International Certification Expert program offers these individuals the ultimate professional enhancement and provides a unique point of difference.

Program Objectives

Exemplar Global’s International Certification Expert personnel certification program has been developed to:

• Assist organizations to select qualified International Certification Experts

• Enhance the professional recognition for international certification

For more information, please contact certification@exemplarglobal.org.