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By Christian Thornton, iNARTE Business Manager

Of particular interest in the engineering community lately is the topic of career advancement and change. At iNARTE we receive questions every day pertaining to how the certifications we offer might help with career opportunities and what other options we are developing to help both new and seasoned professionals move into new areas.

Recently iNARTE was part of a discussion panel for the IEEE Young Professionals Group and the topic of “soft skills” was raised. These skills are outside the realm of “typical” engineering skills taught in most universities and include subjects such as mentoring, leadership, and conflict resolution. Although some might be lucky enough to have experienced leaders within their network from whom they can learn, the general consensus is that these and certain other skills were not as readily developed within organizations. This can be a limiting factor when you might be looking to advance within your company or move into a new career pathway.

Engineers and technicians are not alone in this and iNARTE, as part of Exemplar Global, is developing a new tool to help with just this type of scenario. Scheduled to launch late this year, Exemplar LINK will create a community of like-minded professionals to drive change within the industry and create a more active, engaged and industry relevant community. Through Exemplar LINK you will be able to discover new opportunities and career pathways that you may not have considered. You will have access to a number of resources—many at little or no cost—such as job opportunities specific to your industry, learning and development courses (including micro-training which will be delivered in bite-sized, self-paced modules), to help advance your training and career, and the ability to create a custom profile to highlight your skills and demonstrate your competence.

Be sure to stay with us to learn more about this exciting new offering which will be launched to our iNARTE customers soon.

As with every year during the EMC Symposium which occurs in August, we are offering our no-cost examinations. Because of COVID-19 and the Symposium itself having been virtual we are offering the exams via a virtual and remote method. Although these are not available everywhere and some exclusions apply, we do encourage you to contact us to find out if it is available in your area and if the exam you desire is part of this opportunity. Please contact us at if you or someone you know would be interested in sitting for an examination.

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