• Want to attract more students to your courses?

• Want to set yourself apart from other training providers?

• Want to earn additional revenue from your courses?

Exemplar Global can help you take your value proposition to the next level.

By partnering with Exemplar Global, we can help you improve the recognition of your course, offer students additional benefits by attending your course, and market your courses to a wider audience. 

Our comprehensive training certification package includes:

• Improved recognition of your courses

• Self-coaching for your students

• Personnel certification for your students

• Marketing opportunities

 Benefits For Students

• Certification to prove their competence

• Certification to enhance their employment potential

• Exclusive benefits of Exemplar Global certification

• Self-coaching through our career development tool

Benefits For You

• Improved value proposition – “walk in as a student, leave on the path to becoming an auditor”

• Opportunity to generate additional revenue

• Ongoing marketing support to Exemplar Global lists

• Featured exposure at online events

Contact us to get started

For more information, or to get started, contact: 

Americas and Europe 

Joe Wholley 


U.S. Phone: +1-630-607-9010

Skype: joewholley

Asia Pacific

Kaylon Soertsz


AU Phone: +61 4768 91811

Skype: kaylon.soertszz