A Message from the President and CEO

Our chosen area of work, auditing, continues to challenge and inspire us as we face ongoing changes to the environment that we work in. This pace of change will continue and, if anything, continue to speed up.

At Exemplar Global, we are determined to not only keep pace with these changes, but get ahead of them. We have some exciting initiatives to launch in the New Year and hope that you will engage with us in shaping how we consider and prepare ourselves for the future.

Auditing has, arguably, never been more important and can be such a powerful tool for improvement. Imagine what we could do if we harness new technologies and work in new areas and sectors. It is these matters we will turn our attention to.

One example is our new Work Style Assessment tool. Many people have already used and enjoyed the results of this new tool. As one person reported:

“I found taking the Work Style Assessment to be a positive experience which gave me valuable insights into my personality traits as well as important observations about my work performance practices. The positive and developmental comments provided for each work style dimension assessed, helped me understand which aspects I needed to re-enforce and which ones I needed to address.” – Tony Tripi.

Thank you, Tony, we are delighted that you found the tool so useful and we encourage others to try this to offer insight into your own work style.

This will be the last newsletter for the year. Thank you to each and every one of you for your custom this past year. We hope that we can continue to be of service in the New Year and that you enjoy working with us as we help you to recognize your achievements and prepare for the future. For now, have a very Merry Christmas and happy and prosperous New Year. Please enjoy your time with family and friends and keep safe.