A Message From The President and CEO

As auditors, we carry considerable responsibility. Rapidly taking in a great deal of information, evaluating that information, and making judgements are carefully learned skills.

Compliance to a standard might be clear, whereas making more subjective decisions about things like “effectiveness” of systems is arguably more difficult. These are things that we learn as we gain experience and, of course, ongoing professional development helps. But when does that “responsibility” become “liability”? When does it become a personal, professional liability? Hopefully we never end up in a position to find out.

Our training, following procedure, diligence, and skills bring us to a position where we can be confident and trusted by auditees and other stakeholders. This said, like most other professions, personal liability insurance is a prudent, even necessary protection against such claims we may face. In many cases for contracted auditors, personal liability insurance is a compulsory requirement of the contracting agency. Like any insurance, we hope it will never be needed. But knowing it is there in the event that it is will be a great comfort. You may not be aware, but there is a low cost insurance program available for Exemplar Global certified auditors. This is not a service that we make profit from. We provide access to the program to add value to our auditor customers. More details about Exemplar Global’s insurance program can be found in the newsletter.

Speaking of value, you may have seen our new Job Connect newsletter. This is proving very popular and we will continue to build on this.

We also encourage you to look out for the first in what will be a series of monthly webinars. These thought-provoking and informative sessions will cover a wide range of subjects that we hope will not only be entertaining, but useful to prepare for the future of auditing. Continuing professional development credits will be available for attendees. The first will air later this month. More details will be shared soon. Also, it is not too early to register for the second virtual International Auditor Symposium, which will take place May 7-18.

Please explore these services and we welcome your feedback.