CEO Blog: We’re Listening!

bainesTalking with our customers, certified auditors, engineers, and training providers, it is clear that the world we work in is continually changing. When many of us started our careers 20 to 30 years ago, everything seemed straightforward. We needed auditor qualifications to demonstrate that we were qualified and competent. As we extended to a wider range of audit programs, or schemes, we extended the qualifications. Since then, much has changed. We have people starting their careers, through to those retiring, but recognize that those retirees still want to be involved in some capacity. It is important that we listen to the needs of all of our customers from young people at the start of careers, to those diversifying, to those whose reputation is well established. We need to also be sure we add value to all stages. This is our mission. With this in mind, we have a number of initiatives we are following.

Auditor registration is an attractive career path for many. ASQ Certified Quality Auditors (CQA) have already expressed an aptitude for audit and so we are offering Exemplar Global certification to those already CQA qualified. If this is of interest, please contact us. A similar initiative for Certified Quality Engineers is being developed. Both of these reflect the “whole of career” service that both ASQ and Exemplar Global aim to provide.

Recently, Exemplar Global released an ISO 13485 Medical Devices Auditor scheme. Previously a scope of the quality management system scheme, the launch of this scheme reflects a response to a need from customers who specialize in this important sector.

For many years Exemplar Global has offered a Provisional Auditor scheme for those just starting and maybe do not yet have the experience to become fully qualified auditors. Until now, there has been a limit to the time you could remain “provisional.” However, recognizing that many value the qualification but do not have that experience, we have decided that Provisional Auditor status can be retained. Naturally, we still encourage everyone who can to upgrade to fully registered auditor status to demonstrate their qualification and experience.

Finally, for now, we are updating our iNARTE schemes to ensure we continue to add value to this important group of customers.

At Exemplar Global, we are listening to our customers and wider group of stakeholders. Please let us know your feedback.