A Message from the President and CEO May 2018

Our second International Auditor Symposium has closed and I want to thank all of you who attended, all of our presenters and sponsors, and my own team who pulled the symposium together. The symposium was a great success thanks to the terrific series of 41 presentations on a diverse range of subjects that are relevant to auditors around the world. Our sponsors for the event ensured great support for which we are deeply appreciative. Our final numbers of attendees is still being collated, but suffice to say that demand was such that we extended the symposium for an additional week.

I also have great pleasure in announcing that Exemplar Global—in liaison with industry representatives—has developed and launched a new ISO 45001 Auditor certification scheme. The qualification-based ISO 45001 (OHS) scheme provides international recognition for auditors who conduct occupational, health, and safety audits against this international standard. This is a new standard and a new certification. For those already certified for health and safety, a transition will be required to upgrade to this new certification. Whether this will be a new certification for you, or a transition, please contact our team for details of the process. The certification is available now.

Once again, thanks to all who participated in our International Auditor Symposium in whatever capacity. Please also watch out for the ongoing webinar series on The Future of Auditing.