A Message From The President and CEO July 2018

First, I want to remind everyone that the deadline for transitioning to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 is September, which is just a few months away. I encourage everyone to make the transition now and to talk with our great team about making this happen as easily as possible. There are a number of other transitions coming up including ISO 45001, ISO 19011, and ISO 22000. We are already building the transition materials for these standards and will make them available as soon as possible. More details on these transitions will be provided later, but we encourage you to understand the requirements and make the necessary changes as soon as you can.

Auditing has provided a wonderful career for many of us, yet it is not always seen as an attractive career option. I suspect this is for many reasons, which include not understanding what is involved, the complexity of standards, the “risk” from regulators and accreditation bodies, not to mention the expectations of auditees. Many organizations are struggling to recruit auditors and those that may be interested in becoming an auditor are finding it difficult to gain the experience needed. As with most things in life, anything worthwhile achieving often has challenges. Overcoming these challenges gives a great sense of achievement. Our role is to help auditors and we are endeavouring to make some of these challenges more manageable. We also want to show what a great career auditing can be and grow the pool of auditors.

I am delighted to share a new initiative that we are developing to help us grow the pool of auditors. We are developing an Internal Auditor certification scheme that will be available to graduates of courses from our certified training providers. The first 12 months of certification will be granted for free. We are also offering graduates the chance to take our Work Style Assessment and benchmark themselves against our certified professional auditors. Completing this assessment allows graduates to consider becoming auditors and advance their career and employers to seek new talent to draw from a “pool of auditor talent”. This is a valuable advantage for both the auditor and employer. There will be a fee to take the assessment, but the tool will allow graduates to consider if auditing could be a career for them and offer some professional development insights. If you are a training provider, please contact our team to discuss. Even if you are not currently an Exemplar Global certified training provider, contact us and have a chat about this. I am sure you will find this an attractive prospect from every perspective.

Our recent virtual conference, the International Auditor Symposium was a great success with high demand for these materials. We will be continuing our occasional webinar series for the remainder of the year focussing on the future of auditing. I hope you continue to enjoy the series.