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Audit Simulator – Learning by Doing

The Audit Simulator is not just about learning – it’s about understanding.

Just like aviation flight simulators, the Exemplar Global Audit Simulator, powered by QLBS, allows you to audit without risk.

The Audit Simulator can be used by students, young professionals, and experienced auditors, helping you to learn new standards, gain hands-on experience, and conduct an industry-typical audit – all from the comfort of your computer. 


Using the Audit Simulator, you can:

• Review questions and checklists

• Evaluate evidence and comments

• Make decisions on the state of compliance or noncompliance

• Compare yourself against professional, experienced auditors


How you will benefit from using the Audit Simulator:

• Gain experience using professional audit industry technology

• Compare your conclusions with those of professional auditors

• Try for free as an Exemplar Link member 

• Significantly improved information retention 

• Easy to use 

• Seamless customer experience with real-time updates

• Secure platform

• SAAS available in the cloud

• Digital images and evidence


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