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Audit Simulator – Learning by Doing

Benefits for your training organization

Accessible to anyone, anywhere
Enables the training and assessment of students located anywhere. 

Monitor and Mentor Students Online
See student progress and review interactively. Create customized reporting and analysis.

Add your own Training Scenarios
Build industry-specific scenarios that train your students specifically for your customers. 

Multiple Schemes
Can be used for any assessment scheme and adapted for different approaches. Easy to integrate.

Online Tools in the cloud
Real time updates for real time collaboration. 

Designed for Digital
No downloads required. Accessible via the internet using multiple devices.


Are you a training provider and would like to: 

• Train your students using your scenarios and case studies

• Customise scenarios specifically for your client base

• Enable onsite learning anywhere in the world – as an apprentice

The Audit Simulator can help you to achieve these outcomes, plus much more. 

Powered by QuantumLeap, the Audit Simulator offers visibility, consistency, reliability, integrity, control, confidence, rigour, and flexibility.  

There are three approaches to using the Audit Simulator:

1. Your Scenarios and Case Study Learning

A. Your training experts provide typical or real-life scenarios with comments, evidence, and background material. This will be used to pre-populate the simulator.

B. The learner examines this material and decides the level of compliance and corrective action required (if applicable).

C. A report is generated which reflects the learners’ overall views and provides a list of the experts scores.

As usage volumes grow, more scenarios specific to regions and clusters can be generated and added. 

2. Customised Scenarios

A. You can populate your own simulator with scenarios that are suited to your client base. With this approach, you can use the language and imagery that links to your student’s deliverables and enable them to focus on issues that are relevant for your industry or region.

3. On Site Learning as an Apprentice

A. With this approach, the learner conducts a pre-assessment of an audit that a qualified auditor is scheduled to conduct. The learner then reviews their own scores against the experts. An advantage of this approach is that the learner can contribute to an actual audit, whilst in the process of learning. They could do all early work of gathering evidence and reduce the professional auditors time on site. (Like an apprentice understudy).

Click here to view a short video about the Audit Simulator

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