10 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing

Emails are part of business and are a powerful tool for communicating with clients or colleagues. In fact, recent studies have shown that emails have become so popular that we receive an average of 120 emails per day. So how do you ensure that your email is noticed and stands out from the rest?

Here are 10 tips to improve your email marketing and get your email read.

  1. Make sure the subject line and preview text entice your reader to want more. This is the first thing your reader will see and it can be the difference between opening your email or deleting it, so choose wisely!
  2. Bulk out your automated emails, also known as transactional emails, that are generated by your website or CRM system. Add in some valuable content, cross promote other products, promote your blog, or advertise an upcoming event. Research by Experian shows that transactional emails have eight times more opens and clicks than any other type of email, and can generate six times more revenue. That’s an opportunity not to be missed.
  3. Ensure that your email design is clean, easy to read, and gets your message across with a quick scan.
  4. Keep your copy short and to the point. Further detail can be provided via links to your website.
  5. Incorporate pictures, animations, and videos that tell your story and add interest for your readers.
  6. Add a “Forward to a Friend” button. This is a great opportunity to grow your email list and improves the odds that potential recipients will read your email because their friend has sent it to them.
  7. Engage with your audience. Remember, email is a communication tool. Ask for feedback in your email, invite your readers to join your Facebook page, seek comments on your blog, encourage them to share a picture using your product, or request reviews of their experience with your business.
  8. All emails should have a clear goal. Only email when you have something important to say—not for the sake of emailing.
  9. Personalize your email. People respond better when the email is intended for them and is personalized rather than generic. This can be a challenge if your database is missing names or you have a lot of generic email addresses, without names to match. Research suggests that personalized emails have 29 percent higher unique open rates and 41 percent higher unique click rates than non-personalized mailings.
  10. Experiment and learn what works for your unique audience. Try split tests, different subject lines, different call to actions, or different layouts; you may be surprised by the results. The data you gain from testing will help you to build better email campaigns.

Email marketing is effective and provides great return on investment. The industry average of $38 ROI for every $1 spent suggest email marketing is a cost-effective tool for businesses. By improving your email campaigns, you will also improve your results.

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