10 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing

Following on from our article last month, here are another 10 great tips to improve your email marketing and get your email read:

  1. Add personality to your emails. Put a face or a voice behind your brand; these could include little snippets from behind the scenes at your business.
  2. Keep to your schedule. For example, if your clients subscribe to your monthly newsletter, email it monthly—people will be expecting your email.
  3. More than 50 percent of emails are opened on mobile devices, so it’s vital that your email is mobile friendly.
  4. Thoroughly check and test your email to see how it looks in different browsers and email clients. Make sure all images are displaying, links are working, merge fields are populating, and that there are no spelling mistakes.
  5. Ensure that you meet your local anti-spam laws. Most countries have strict requirements and failure to comply could result in large fines. This includes providing an unsubscribe option within your email.
  6. Add social media share buttons to your email. If readers like what they read and you are providing a simple share button, they are more likely to share the content on social media, increasing the reach of your email.
  7. Companies that use email list segmentation have 39 percent higher open rates and 28 percent lower unsubscribe rates, according to the “Lyris Email Report.” Sending every email to everyone on your email list is not an effective long-term strategy. Everyone has different needs and requirements; by meeting these needs you’ll achieve better results and have readers who are more likely to continue to read your emails.
  8. Timing is critical. Learn the best time and days to send your emails. When do you get the best results? Does your audience like to read your emails at lunch, on the train to work, or in the evening? By testing sending emails on different times and days, you’ll develop a pattern and learn the best time to communicate with your audience.
  9. Everyone understands that businesses need to make a profit and sell products or services to be successful. However, no one wants to read continuous “buy now” emails. Mix up your content, sell the benefits rather than the product, and provide value-added material in your emails.
  10. Finally, always include a defined call to action that you want the reader to take after reading your email. Any offer should include a deadline to make people act now.
  11. These tips are easy to implement and really do generate results. We hope that they bring you success in your email marketing.