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A Message from the President and CEO, September 2021



September is upon us, and 2021 is passing by quickly. This has been another year heavily affected by COVID around the world—is it too soon to predict that an end may be in sight?

Predicting the future is not easy but one thing I can predict with certainty is the imminent arrival of our next virtual conference for auditors: The Future of Auditing Expo, which starts on October 1. Whatever the world is doing in terms of one’s ability to travel, audit, or attend in-person training courses, the Expo will go ahead because, like all Exemplar Global events, it is 100-percent virtual. That means you will be able to attend and continue your professional development from wherever you are, at any time of day or night, without the need or expense of travel or accommodation.

We have a great group of presenters who will bring us a fascinating series of diverse sessions such as:

  • Remote auditing best practices
  • The psychology of auditing
  • Predictions about food safety auditing in 2030
  • Data science and machine learning within the auditing industry

This to name just a few. We have lots of interesting, forward-thinking content from several great presenters with unique visions of the future state of management system auditing, including many new voices who have not previously presented at Exemplar Global events.

The event is free to attend for Exemplar Global certified professionals and those registered in Exemplar LINK. Please contact Mike at for more information on how to take advantage of this offer.

Exemplar Global has a wide range of customers, from training providers to newly trained people considering auditing as a career to career-long veterans with a world of experience. We aim to produce something of value for everyone, at all stages of careers, and our Expos are just a part of it. Whatever your career journey, come and see what Exemplar Global has for you by registering today at Exemplar LINK.


Ready to get certified? Register & Apply for your certification on

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