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A Message from the President and CEO, October 2021



Exemplar Global has been serving auditors and engineers for more than 30 years. We are a not-for-profit organization with a written, constitutional purpose to certify people, certify organizations that train people, and, importantly, encourage ongoing professional development.

Through our history we have helped auditors and engineers recognize and promote their achievements through their certifications. Nothing has changed there, but we are also continually trying to find new ways to serve. Our motivation is not to make money, unlike some others that come and go. Instead, we aim to support you, our customers, in the belief that you make a real difference in the world through the work you do. To that end, we continue to re-think new and better ways to help you.

Certification is still the core activity of Exemplar Global and I have no doubt it will remain so. But we do recognize that nothing stays still in the conformity world. New standards come out, old ones are revised, and all the time, diverse stakeholders like regulators, scheme owners, customers, and supply chain representatives continually influence the audit process. It is for this reason that we are renewing our ongoing emphasis on continuing professional development (CPD). Sometimes, a stakeholder like a scheme owner might mandate CPD but rather than rely on just that, we want to encourage everyone, at whatever stage of career, to consider their CPD needs. We want to assist in this by allowing you to access CPD in an affordable way. Through Exemplar LINK we are providing a place to keep track of and promote your progress. We have begun issuing digital ‘badges,’ a modern, verifiable certification of an accomplishment, skill, or quality. These can provide a pathway to career development. Within Exemplar LINK you can build a profile, highlighting your CPD with use of the Work Style Assessment (WSA) to illustrate your self-awareness or your attendance at our series of events. Most of these CPD opportunities are available at no cost. Sometimes, in circumstances in which we incur cost, we have to pass on fees but remember, profit is not our motivation.

We have embraced technology to assist us in providing services around the world, in many languages, and in all time zones. We will continue to build our support there. Emma, our digital human customer support, can help show you around our services.

Our latest virtual event, the Future of Auditing Expo, is running throughout October. Once again, the Expo is being attended by people from around the world, at their own convenience, from wherever they are. Existing customers can access this event at no cost (normally USD$99)—look out for your registration code in your emails or email if you have not received it. Next year, you will see huge changes in how we present our major events. For now, watch this space, but it will be very exciting to offer a virtual event that better represents what we know you want from conferences and Expos.

At our last event we announced the launch of our Audit Simulator, powered by our development partner, QLBS. This highly innovative initiative will continue to be developed as we continue to invest in it. The intention, again, is to allow auditors to build their experience and through that, their confidence through self-awareness, while also promoting professional development in unique and practical ways. You can check it out here.

These are just some of the services that we have developed in recent months. There is much more planned. Exemplar Global is so much more than ‘just’ auditor certification. Of course we do that, but we also support you in many more ways. If you are an auditor or engineer, or you have any interest in the activity of auditors, be it internal auditors, supply chain, so-called second party, or as a third-party auditor, we have something for you. Please visit us online today. We look forward to helping you.

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