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A Message From the President and CEO October 2019



We are looking forward to our upcoming online conference called the Future of Auditing Expo, which will run from October 14 – 31. Once again, we have an excellent range of speakers and topics on the theme of the future of auditing. The Expo will explore many facets of this topic including standards, use of technology, and artificial intelligence. I would like to thank all of the speakers who have agreed to present at this event. We are looking forward to the Expo greatly. Registrations are open at Please join us for another great event.

For many years Exemplar Global has served the auditing community with personnel certification and certification of training providers. This has served the community well and we continue to offer these key services. More recently however, we have launched two new services. The first is the Recognised Training Provider (RTP) program which recognizes a larger number of courses and extends 12 months of benefits to graduates of those training courses. The intention is to demonstrate the attractions of auditing as a career or part of a career pathway. This may be as a third-party auditor and on to existing certifications; as an internal auditor or second-party auditor; or other roles where assurance skills will be of great benefit. As a result of the considerable success of the RTP program, you will see more new personnel certifications being launched and even some moves towards “micro-certification” that can reflect achievement through micro-training as our training providers begin to develop micro-courses. Much more to come on this.

The second of our new services, group certification for certification body auditors, has also been very well received and we continue to work with CB’s to refine this service. The intention is to grow the community of assurance professionals so we can work together as CBs, TPs, and other stakeholders to develop the best practices we can for our customers and their customers.

Exemplar Global is looking forward to an exciting future. Our upcoming Expo is themed about the future and we are here to be a part of it.

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