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A Message From the President and CEO November 2020



At the time of sending this newsletter, the Future of Auditing Expo will be in its final day. I would like to thank all who attended the expo. We are thrilled with the number of people who watched the sessions in the interest of developing their own awareness and careers. Thank you to the presenters who volunteered their time and developed some excellent content for us. We deeply appreciate it.

We are already working on our events for next year, so your feedback from this event is valuable. Please, continue to send your feedback and suggestions of what you would like to see us cover in our events.

Last month, we were excited to launch our Exemplar LINK platform. Exemplar LINK aims to build an active, engaged, and relevant community which brings together and connects auditors, businesses, training providers, and wider participants in the auditing and conformity industry. We aim to encourage ongoing professional development and inspire people to pursue auditing as a career. Most of the services within Exemplar LINK are free of charge. Watch this short animation for more information about Exemplar LINK:

Finally, I would like to share our philosophy at Exemplar Global. We are a not-for-profit organization with charitable status in Australia. We were established over 30 years ago for the purpose of certifying auditors and engineers and organizations who train auditors and encourage ongoing professional development of all the individuals we serve. Our purpose is to serve the audit community. It is a purpose we truly believe in that has an international benefit. We are constantly working to develop new and innovative services to better serve our stakeholders. We have done this successfully for over 30 years and continue to do so because we think it is the right thing to do—we do not operate for personal gain or to make money.

Internationally, there are peer organizations, allies, and to some extent competitors to Exemplar Global. I do not consider organizations with equally honourable objectives to improve our sector to be “competitors.” You will know who these players are, and we enjoy working alongside them and respect and trust their work. However, there are other organizations who come and go who appear only to be seeking personal gain and profit from the sector at a time when we need to work together. The effect is to diminish value, not improve it. We do not respect these organizations, nor trust them.

We know you have choice and that is a good thing. We really appreciate when you choose Exemplar Global to provide your certification and professional development. When considering your options, please consider the whole value proposition including the brand, experience, and purpose or “mission”.

I invite you to join Exemplar LINK free of charge. Look at what is on offer and encourage others to join us too. Go to to join.

Thank you all. Keep safe and well.

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