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A Message from the President and CEO, May 2021



At Exemplar Global, as a not-for-profit organization, we are clear on our purpose to serve our customers and wider stakeholders for the greater good. Our mission includes encouraging ongoing professional development, whatever the career stage. As part of this, we also consider it our role to attract people to the profession.

We are here because of you, our customers. This month, we are recognizing the importance of our customers by posting profiles of a selection of our auditors on social media. Not only does this celebrate the careers of the individuals featured—and we thank and appreciate those who have agreed to be featured—but it illustrates the fantastic careers that are possible. Whether you spend a few years auditing, become a long-term professional auditor, a part-time or occasional auditor, an internal auditor or a second-party supply chain auditor, auditing is a wonderful career choice, and we want to encourage more people to consider it as such. Those featured represent the tip of the iceberg for what is possible.

We are tremendously grateful to all our customers, especially to those whose stories we have shared via this campaign. We would love to hear from more of you about your career pathways and your experiences. Each story is unique and can inspire others thinking about pursing an auditing career or those who have just graduated from training and have never considered auditing before. Help us to share your story and attract the next generation of auditors. Please reach out to Mike Richman at to register your interest in sharing your story.

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