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A Message From the President and CEO March 2019



The year is already rushing by, but we are making the most of this, our 30th year, with plenty of exciting developments for our current and future customers.

Recently we announced a group certification concept for certification bodies. This initiative offers the chance for certification bodies to work with us to formally recognize all of their auditors and to offer a suite of tools for the ongoing professional development of their audit team—both staff and contractors—through access to the wide range of services that Exemplar Global provides. The package includes access to the Work Style Assessment and features such as online webinars and conferences. Because certification is offered as a group, the fees per auditors are very attractive. Enquiries from certification bodies and other interested parties are most welcome.

In a similar vein, we have a new suite of products on offer for training providers. We recognize that many training course attendees receive an initial introduction to our world, but many are “lost” back into their own sectors. Our offer extends the training providers course by building on what they have learned with 12 months of Exemplar Global certification and access to our services and benefits. This will offer graduates of the courses exposure to our “community” and the opportunity to develop the skills they started to build during the training course. The Work Style Assessment is again a feature of the package and offers graduates a chance to measure themselves against professional auditors and consider career options and self-development opportunities. For the training providers, this package offers many “wins” and the low cost per student can be absorbed into course fees or passed on to students.

You will note that both these options include the Work Style Assessment. We are finding this to be a powerful service. Not only does the assessment place quantifiable measures around soft skills and personal attributes for the first time, it provides guidance and advice for self-awareness and development and how best to manage and lead the respondent. Further, there are a range of assessment modules that offer specific insights such as verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and conflict resolution right through to an extensive leadership assessment. These modules can be applied over several stages of a career. Over and beyond the advantages for individuals, there are organizational advantages for employers or training providers who can begin to use the data on a group or organizational level and make decisions regarding development needs and opportunities.

Other features that these initiatives both share is access to Exemplar Global virtual events. In the past two years we have run a virtual International Auditor Symposium and this very successful event will take place in June for the third consecutive year. Before this, however, we are pleased to offer our very first Food Safety Expo. Also a virtual event, you can attend the expo anywhere, anytime. Click here for more information about the Food Safety Expo.

Recently, the Exemplar Global team and I have been out and about visiting different regions to talk about these new products and services. Most recently for example, I was in the UAE where I met with certification bodies, training providers, and universities to talk about these packages. My colleagues have been out and about in U.S. and across Australasia. We are delighted with the reception we have had and thank those who we have met with. Unfortunately, we cannot be everywhere as quickly as we might like, but if any of these services are of interest, please contact us and we will be delighted to schedule a visit or arrange a teleconference to tell you more and answer any questions you might have.

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