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A Message from the President and CEO, June 2021



Our Online Auditor Expo virtual conference is now live and will be open until July 31. Running for a full two months this year, the Online Auditor Expo is our showcase virtual event and we hope that you will be able to join us.

The Online Auditor Expo features a program of 33 sessions on topics as wide-ranging as auditing skills, remote auditing, and internal auditing. We are confident that the event has something for everyone.

The event also includes four live sessions where attendees can interact with experts on topics including ‘Career Pathways for Auditing Professionals’, ‘Your Trickiest Audit Questions Answered,’ and ‘Swimming in Front of Grey Swans’. The fourth live session is not to be missed and will see Exemplar Global launch a new initiative. Please join us for this session on June 24 U.S. time/June 23 Australia time to hear about and experience our latest innovations. If you cannot attend the live sessions, don’t worry. These sessions will be recorded and will be made available afterwards.

Certificates of attendance are available at a small cost to record and reflect your continuing professional development needs.

I’d like to share a word of thanks to all who have given their time to develop and record presentations. Your work is greatly appreciated and provides fantastic personal and professional development opportunity for the audience. I’d also like to thank our sponsors for the event.

The event is free to attend for Exemplar Global certified professionals and those registered in Exemplar LINK. Please contact Jane at for more information on how to take advantage of this offer.

Come and join us for this great event! No flights are required, no hotels to book, no time away from family or work. Join us wherever you are, at whatever time suits you. You can access the Online Auditor Expo at

Ready to get certified? Register & Apply for your certification on

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