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A Message from the President and CEO, July 2022



Thank you to everyone who joined our Excellence in Auditing Expo! Once again, it was a tremendous success albeit in a quite different format this year. For a start, it was ‘live’ for three days and secondly, it was on a new platform. So, where to start with a review?

Firstly, thank you to all who attended as visitors. The whole purpose of doing Expos, and indeed our other events such as webinars throughout the year is for you. We consider that the opportunity to network, to learn from others and interact with others from this wonderful profession is a feature of being in this community that many value, possibly most of all. As such, we work hard to find speakers diverse in content, both technical and non-technical and entertaining to boot! No easy task sometimes but again this year we were most fortunate.

As I mentioned in a previous communication, we are very conscious of the potential for Zoom (or Teams or other similar platform) fatigue and so this takes me to the new platform we used this year. Provided by MEETYOOwe were delighted at how well it came across as a ‘venue’. We had the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Opera House visible through the window, there was a Sponsors exhibit hall (thank you for your support. I hope you got the attention you rightly deserved), two social setting for a chatroom and a drinks or cocktail lounge and that is before mentioning the auditorium where speakers presented with some virtual attendees. In the live sessions, attendees could ask questions in ‘real time’ and get first-hand responses from the subject matter experts. I know there is still an element of online that is not quite the same as in-person, but this was a real step forward and one, as we all become more familiar with using the tools available there, that will become more familiar to us. Thank you MEETYOO, we enjoyed working with you.

We had a total of 22 speakers covering a very diverse range of subjects. Too many to name everyone and cover the topics covered but please do let me thank you all. I will though mention our Keynote speakers, Ann Jordan, CEO of ASQ, who spoke on Auditors as a Catalyst, Peter Merrill from Canada speaking about Innovation and Mike Figiuolo, USA speaking about The Leadership Maxims were all terrific and subject matter was acutely relevant to auditors! Thank you all.

If I have managed to make you feel like you might have missed out on a great event here, that’s good and it was my intention 😊 Worry not though. The good news is that because of demand, this live event was recorded and we intended to make it available for a few days after the live dates so that any of you that could not make it live could at least benefit from the valuable information made available from these great speakers. I am pleased to let you know that we have extended the time that the recorded session are available now until 10 July EST and EDT or 11 July for AEST. You can still purchase certificates for attendance up until this time as well.

Please, go to Exemplar LINK to register. Or if you’ve already registered, login again and enjoy! To access the event, head to and click on the “Login to Event” button next to the Excellence in Auditing Expo option.

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