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A Message from the President and CEO, July 2021



Regular readers of this newsletter and those customers who engage with Exemplar Global regularly are aware that we have been working hard to better serve you by rethinking many of our traditional functions. I am therefore delighted to announce that at our current Online Auditor Expo, we recently launched another innovative service which we believe will be a real first: the Exemplar Global Audit Simulator, powered by QLBS.

Working with our partner, QLBS, we have created a sophisticated audit management tool and prepared testing scenarios on which auditors, novice or experienced, can practice. This can be done online, anywhere, at any time. Here is a look at the Audit Simulator logo:

To experience the Audit Simulator, register for the Online Auditor Expo if you haven’t done so already and check out the recording of the live launch, under the session titled, “Introducing Simulator.” While you are there, you can also enjoy many other excellent presentations on a range of topics essential to auditors for today and tomorrow.

We believe that this sector experiences change so routinely, with new standards, schemes, and regulations (and even the occasional pandemic), that there is a need for ongoing professional development. Those new to auditing, those facing changes to standards, and those needing to utilise new technologies all must have a way to practice their skills to build confidence and expertise. The Audit Simulator is the latest in our efforts to make ongoing professional development easily and affordably accessible to all.

Look out for this and more as we work to assist you in an ever-more digital world.

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