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A Message from the President and CEO July 2019



Our third annual virtual conference, the Online Auditor Expo has drawn to a close for another year. The event was a great success once again, building on the first two years.

I would like to thank all of you who attended the Online Auditor Expo. I hope that you enjoyed it and found it worthwhile. We would certainly be interested in hearing your feedback whether it be around content, format, any technical difficulties, what worked or did not work. We will be endeavouring to improve for the next event.

For those who attended the Online Auditor Expo, certificates of attendance are still available for purchase. If you have any need for a certificate, please contact Jane at Once again, thank you for attending.

Of course, no such event would be possible without the generous time commitment of our presenters. I thank all who gave their time most sincerely. We deeply appreciate your work and hope that you will be willing to make the same valued contributions in the future. Thank you too to our sponsor, Auditor Training Online. We are most grateful for the support.

On that note, we will be holding more virtual events throughout the year, so please keep a look out through our usual communication channels and on social media. A primary driver for these types of events is to provide relevant, useful, and informative content in a cost-effective and accessible way. Feedback on areas of interest are always valued, so please contribute your thoughts on what you would like to see at future events.

On other matters, we are excited at the reception we have received from the market place for our new Recognized Training Provider program. We are building quite a community. If you would like to become part of that community, please contact us for further details.

Based on industry demand, we have developed a ‘risk behavioural assessment’ product particularly relevant for industries such as food, heavy vehicle, and engineering. Understanding an individual’s propensity to recognize and manage risk in pursuit of professional endeavour is an essential ingredient to assigning individuals to working teams or selecting new employees into higher risk client related environments. For more information on this product, or to request a trial assessment for your organization, please contact Kaylon at

You will see more new product developments from Exemplar Global over the coming year as we continue to listen to market and customer feedback and find new ways we can work with our customers—both corporate and individual—to better serve the community. We welcome your thoughts on what we can do, or could do better.


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