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A Message from the President and CEO January 2020



Happy New Year to all of our friends and customers! I hope that you all had an opportunity to spend time with family and enjoy a break over the festive season. I would also like to extend our thoughts and best wishes to our Australian friends. The devastating fires are taking a great toll and we hope the conditions will improve soon. Our thoughts and best wishes are with you.

And so, we enter a new decade, 2020. When we talk of vision, 2020 refers to “clear vision”. At Exemplar Global we have been working to develop a clear vision for this year and beyond. With 30 years serving our customers already, we recognize that as times change, so do the needs and wants of our customers. Where once training was most frequently provided either on the job or in classroom situations, with new technologies and a different outlook to training, learning can be undertaken remotely and in much smaller packages. For example, we can use our smartphones to watch a TED Talk or a five-minute session while riding the train to work or even take in a previously downloaded 30-minute seminar while flying. There are so many ways to learn—from microlearning to traditional course-based materials. We have developed a way to recognize microlearning to enhance career development, whatever your stage of career. “Badging” will offer skills recognition and where relevant, the learning journey that is being progressed. Badges incorporate digital information and allow access to much more metadata than is contained on the badge alone.

You may already be aware of Exemplar Global’s virtual conferences. We have run these events for three years so that you can attend virtually, for any amount of time, anywhere in the world, without the need for hotels or flights. Continuing the theme of “accessibility” and encouraging ongoing professional development, badging is the next stage in our “clear vision” for our customers. These virtual conferences, our webinar series and all other CPD and career enhancement opportunities will be available in Korean, for our Korean clients, their graduates, and professional staff. When we are together in Seoul again, we will look at samples of these development materials and discuss how best for you and your staff to access these opportunities. There will be more to come this year too.

If you would like more information about the above developments, please contact us at

For now, we wish everyone a prosperous and successful “exemplar” year.

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