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A Message from the President and CEO, February 2023



By Andrew Baines, president and CEO of Exemplar Global

For the past five years, Exemplar Global has had in place a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the EMC Society in support of our iNARTE certification program. The purpose of that MoU was to collaborate to review and strengthen the EMC technical base to ensure that the question pool and examination processes were up to date and in keeping with our desire to provide a professional and viable iNARTE program.

Recently EMCS advised Exemplar Global that they wished to end the MoU. This was not the outcome that we at Exemplar Global had desired, as we value the relationship with EMCS and the contribution of EMCS members to the  iNARTE EMC Certification program. We remain hopeful that we can re-engage with EMCS in the future.

However, in the meantime, I wanted to assure you that iNARTE continues to be a wholly owned Exemplar Global brand and program and that the conclusion of the MoU will have no impact on the validity or high regard of the iNARTE certifications for thousands of engineers and technicians worldwide. The iNARTE brand and Exemplar Global’s commitment to the maintenance and indeed ongoing development of the brand and associated programs will continue and is a major component of our strategic and business planning. Current and future certifications continue to be administered and granted, in 20 different countries in every continent. These will hold the same standing and authority as in the past.

Please be assured that iNARTE management has diligently maintained the technical efficacy of the certification services offered. The level of investment in these programs and the relationship with technical organizations in a range of product categories, including EMC, ESD, military standards, and spectrum management, will be maintained for the benefit of the profession and those that work and conduct businesses within those industries.

iNARTE maintains professional arrangements with technical bodies and exam centers in Japan, Korea, Singapore, and China, together with affiliations with U.S.-based training bodies and technical organizations. Together, these make up the body of knowledge that we rely upon to maintain a sustained, viable program offer.

In the coming months, we will be restructuring our current body of knowledge processes to create a globally based Technical Advisory Body across multiple disciplines to ensure the continuing relevance of the iNARTE examination and certification program.

If you have an interest in or wish to nominate a fellow professional for the Technical Advisory Body, or for more information about our plans as we restructure our body of knowledge base, contact us at

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