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A Message From the President and CEO December 2019



2019 has been a busy year for Exemplar Global and our customers. It has been a great year of development and we appreciate all of the support that you, our customers, have given us. Highlights for us have included:

• The launch of our Recognized Training Provider program. This has been well received and we are delighted. Thank you to all of our customers who have helped us to refine the program and continue to help us consider ways we can complement our traditional certified training provider services.
• The launch of our Group Certification program for certification body auditors. This has challenged the way things have traditionally been done and has taken time for CB’s to work through, but again, we are delighted with the reception.

In both cases, our aim is to attract more auditors and assurance professionals into the community we serve. It is not growth for growth’s sake. We at Exemplar Global truly believe this sector can add real value to the world and that this is a highly satisfying career option for some of the best talent across the world.

Both these new services are built around Exemplar Global providing a suite of services over the course of any given year. These include personal attribute assessments, learning and networking opportunities, and knowledge and skills assessments. These combine both traditional and innovative approaches to personnel certification and we will continue to work on these in the next year, with more ideas and services coming to you soon. To that end, we are currently working on ideas such as micro-learning and micro-certification, promoting auditor and assurance professional CPD, recognition, and data management.

Virtual events are a core of our offerings now and in the future. This year we ran three virtual conferences, which have been great successes. The beauty for time-poor professionals is that these events can be attended from anywhere, at any time, for as long as you want, without the need to travel. On that note, I must take the chance to thank all of you who attended one or more of these events. You are why we do it. Your attendance and support is greatly appreciated. Thanks also to all who presented at these events. Without you, these events would not have been possible and would not have been the success they were. We look forward to more of these events in the future. We aim to get even slicker, with more content relevant to your professional career development.

We have also invested considerable time and resources into rebuilding and simplifying our personnel certification programs. This was based on extensive feedback we received from customers, training providers, and certification bodies. Our goal was to streamline the certification process while maintaining the integrity of the programs. These changes have resulted in a “continuous” certification model that allows our certified professionals to focus on their careers.

Other highlights for the year have been the establishment of an office presence in Dubai, UAE to better serve our customers in India, Middle East, and Africa. We have also re-organized how we serve our customers in Korea and already are finding our more direct contact with customers worthwhile. We thank all of our Korean customers for your patience and your willingness to embrace our new ideas.

As 2019 draws to a close and 2020 approaches, I wish you all well and to those who celebrate it, a happy Christmas and New Year.

Please note Exemplar Global will continue to operate as business as usual throughout the holidays.

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