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A Message from the President and CEO August 2020



This unusual year continues to rush past us! Our virtual Online Auditor Expo is over already. I can hardly believe it has passed. The event was a tremendous success. I would like to thank everyone who attended, we really appreciate your support. We have received great feedback about the event, including constructive criticism of how we can improve in future. I would also like to thank all the presenters who made the Online Auditor Expo possible. There is a considerable body of information that arises from pulling these events together. Thanks also to our sponsors and supporters.

We now turn our attention to the next Exemplar Global virtual event—The Future of Auditing Expo to be held in October. I can tell you already there is some good material coming up in the various sessions.

Our experience as auditors dealing with COVID 19 and this very different world, I suspect shows us how the world of auditing may look in the future. Remote and virtual auditing have become a part of our lives. While some are reluctant to accept this as an audit style, others have fully embraced the technique. Remote and virtual auditing will never replace auditing face to face. There is no doubt that being face to face exposes insights that cannot easily be replicated online. However, it does seem likely that the “genie is out of the bottle.” In fact, I think this will be just the start as we consider new ways to use technology and work in a world different to any most of us have experienced before.

For some time now, I have indicated that Exemplar Global are developing new products and services to better serve the conformity community. We already have our Recognised Training Provider program which is proving very popular. This offers training graduates a full 12 months’ extension to their training by exposure to our profession to demonstrate that auditing is an attractive career option. Our Recognised Certification Body program is also now available. This program offers a wide range of services to auditors working for CABs. Many of these services are available at no cost. Some have a fee for service, where we incur costs, but all are at no cost to the CAB.

These are just the start of our new, online and technology-driven services. We are delighted to advise that we will soon be launching Exemplar LINK. This will encompass many new services for our customers and stakeholders. Specifics will be revealed and explained soon, but essentially new features will include establishing career pathways, providing accessible personal professional development, and methods to showcase your skills to the community. These services will be just as relevant and accessible to first- and second-party auditors as to our traditional third-party auditors. Not to mention, other professionals. More to come soon.

For now, I hope that you are all safe and well, wherever you are in the world.

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